Ultimate Day One Edition

Scuttle Town’s favorite half-genie is making her way to Nintendo Switch™ in physical form via the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Day One Edition! This ret-2-go release is packed with hip-shaking goodness, featuring all DLC included directly on the Ultimate Edition game card, alongside the toe-tapping 30-song ‘Risky Beats’ soundtrack CD and an all-new art book filled to the brim with eye-catching images! Enjoy the main campaign, or play the Pirate Queen’s Quest and Friends to the End story modes, along with the newly introduced Costume Pack allowing you to dress up and experience the levels you love in brand new ways. There's even a bonus swimsuit! So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner animal!

Hard Core Mode

Already mastered Half-Genie Hero? Take the chance to really show your stuff in Hard Core Mode! Offering a brutal new challenge, this mode features enemies that move faster and hit harder, re-balanced magic items, and caps your healing items at six. It’s fast-paced and extra dangerous! Do you have what it takes to guide Shantae through this rage-inducing, controller-throwing, completely unnecessary but oh-so-satisfying trial?

Pirate Queen’s Quest

“There are two sides to every story… This is how it REALLY happened.”

Ho ho ho! Experience the other side of the Half-Genie Hero story as bodacious buccaneer Risky Boots! The villainous Queen of the Seven Seas is on the hunt for component parts needed to carry out her latest dastardly plan and must slash, shoot, and pillage all corners of Sequin Land to get what she needs! Don’t let her down or it’ll be your head!

Friends to the End!

A hero’s nothing without her friends and Shantae has some of the best! Uncle Mimic, Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops can only watch in horror as, after they’re tricked by Risky Boots, Shantae is turned evil and reborn as Nega Shantae. Vowing to return their friend to normal, Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops enter Shantae’s mind to rescue her consciousness from the warped memories in the “Nightmare Realm”! It’s all about teamwork in this thrilling mode, so can the three put aside their bickering and learn how to work together to return the half-genie hero to normal?


Get ready to slip into some stylish new outfits with the new Costume Pack modes! Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Day One Edition comes with three brand new costumes for Shantae to try on, each one offering unique and exciting new styles of play to enjoy!

Get ready to soak up some sun in “Beach Mode”! Donning a cute bikini and a pair of shades, Shantae’s on the hunt for the perfect spot to work on her tan! Use a handy beach ball to knock those pesky enemies out of the way or kick back and float over trouble in your own personal bubble. And make sure you never go too long without sunscreen!

Embody Stealth! Speed! and Strength! in “Ninja Mode”! Enemies don’t stand a chance as you dash, slash, and teleport your way across the stages on your way to becoming a Ninja Master!

Last but definitely not least, switch it up with the Officer costume! In “Officer Mode,” Shantae fearlessly confronts foes with a pellet gun and alters the level around her ‘Mighty Switch Force’ style! Find ways to traverse the puzzle-laden levels and bring the Space Hooligans to justice!